Sunday, 15 April 2012

It's nearly that time again...Member Gift Update

Hi #LekLaners!

Hope you're all enjoying your cold, but SUNNY Sunday!

Just a quick note reminding you that if you haven't yet; time's running out to sign up for this month's Member Gift!

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Gift content are always EXCLUSIVES not available to the General Public, so like everything from Lekhem, what you get is always that extra bit special!

Make sure you sign up before the 17th to get yours!

Have a great afternoon and we'll see you soon!

ESP Ltd. for Lekhem

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Hello people!

Hope this finds you in good health and vibes! Ladies and Gentlemen I'm glad to say it’s here! The tag-team mixtape with myself and Krome (R2S) is done and ready for you. 

Download NOW!
This mixtape is one for core hip hop lovers. No gimmicks, just 16 tracks of music, words and thoughts that in one way or another, everyone can identify with. Feel good songs, emotional songs and so much more - this promises to be a gem for those who truly appreciate the art of hip hop.

We kept this mixtape all West London too. All featured artists and producers are from the vicinity.  Featured artists on the tape are Seta Trend, Culprit Cash, TrixCity, Korshun, Fuzzie Barz and Zed. All producers are from West as well; not just artists. Bulg, WAR, Evo Advent Child and ShoXstar, all crafted some gems for the tape!!

I also get in on the production act on there as well - you knew I would!

We decided on April 4th as the release date a few months ago, not too long after we thought of the idea of this tag-team mixtape because it’s Krome’s birthday! Pretty cool birthday present having a new mixtape released (Happy Birthday again, Bro!) So it made perfect sense! We've both had to put in some extra studio shifts over the past few weeks to get everything ready in time. It's what we love doing, so it’s never a problem.

Go get yourself a copy of 'KROnicles Of IntelLEK' now; sit back and ‘Ride 2 This’ lyrical trip through West London.


Sunday, 1 April 2012


Hi LekLaners!

If you were unfortunate enough to miss Lekhem's recent performance with Evo Advent Child at the Unsigned Hype UK launch event in Camden, you missed a LOT - see for yourself...

You can be sure that the next show on April 24th will be another 'Family Affair' when Lekhem's ESP brother Drassick takes the stage. Stay tuned to his website for more details, as and when they become available!

Also, look out for both on the May 1st Unsigned Hype UK compilation - the boys don't stop!

See you soon ;)

ESP for Lekhem