Poetic Justice

Here is the place where I am going back to something that I always loved as a kid, writing poems. Poetry is a beautiful art form and one that I have a lot of interest in, and respect for. I would also love if my fan base were to take part as well. I know a lot of you have got that talent and I cannot wait to hear what you have to say. Contact me with your words...


Grasp the handles of opportunity with a firm grip, never allow it to slip
There’s no time like Yesterday’s Tomorrow.
Prepare yourself for all that may come your way, keep your mind equipped,
There’s no time like Yesterday’s Tomorrow.
Races on the tracks of Life will always take place regardless of how you bring yourself to the field;
There’s no time like Yesterday’s Tomorrow.
So engage it wholeheartedly and do not hide behind your emotional shields,
There’s no time like Yesterday’s Tomorrow.
You will always reap what you sow, so take the time to nourish the growth of your fruit,
There’s no time like Yesterday’s Tomorrow.
We cannot control what has been or what will be, but what is and that is truth;
There no time like Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

Sun Rays
Peeping through the crevices of the clouds that line the top of the horizon,
bringing with it a firm grasp of hope and zealous thoughts of beautiful weather.
A warm induction to the air that will embrace society for the next few months, So Inspiring;
bringing smiles to everyone who comes into contact with the rays, 
wherever they may be.
As the new flowers bloom and continue to fill our sight with wonderful colour,
It is evident that everything the sun rays touch is revitalized and rejuvenated.
Patrons walk the street with a sense of overwhelming inner peace, happily greeting one another.
Children laugh freely wherever they please, their restrictions of playtime emancipated.
Males work extra hard to impress females, doing whatever they can to boost their mating call.
Groups of friends gather, enjoying good food and great times, wishing it was always this way.
Sounds of music fitting for the backdrop, entertaining for one and for all.
Glasses overflow, reminiscing on good times shared with the cousins and our Uncle Wray.
The drifting scent of barbecues charm the senses of people near and far;
There’s just something about food being ever so slightly burned, coming fresh off the grill.
Surrounded by great vibes and lovely company, 
nothing but enjoyment on radar;
Under the sun rays the cup of happiness can over-run, we will be ok with that spill.

Tell Me Why (Part Four)
Tell me why there is so many homeless on the street
I'm tryin to figure out why I hold the pain in, til I catch a beat
Tell me why they look at west and because it's like London's 'Hollywood', think we all moist;
Tell me why we don't get together and change they're point...
Of view. Tell me why that's the realness
Tell me why sometimes we don't feel blessed
Tell me why we don't appreciate what we have
But then we wait until its summin that we once had
Tell me why I stand out like a sweatpatch
N tell me why the Government hides a lot of facts
Tell me why they disown God by using Science
They me why they'll try to silence me for my defiance
Tell me why they give unfair jobs but want compliance
Tell me why they don't listen until it goes to violence...

Tell Me Why (Part Three)
Tell me why some are real,
but most are synthetic
Tell me why they look up to the wrong
like you would to see the roof of trelick
Tell me why Osama dead
but they have never shown the body
Tell me why if there's drama in the hood,
then it's solved with a shotty
Tell me why they so secretive bout area 51
N Tell me why is it so easy to go get a gun
Tell me why every year tax gotta rise
Tell me why u don't see all of this right in front of your eyes
Tell me why we judge each other quickly based on price tags
And tell me why we back the bottle till we can't stand
Tell me why they had to rob an old lady
N Tell me why they stalk her like a hungry raven
Tell me why the hood unites when somebody dies
Please can you tell me why its all divided till we have to cry

Tell Me Why (Part Two)
Tell me why the next generation is blinded
And tell me why the old one didn't give that much guidance?
Tell me why this is how it feels?
And tell me why some have to do illegal activities just to get meals?
Tell me why we gotta struggle to just to get by
Tell me why it feels so wrong just to live right
Tell me why I had to write this?
And tell me why the hood don't unite n change, It's own metamorphis
Tell me why I'm feeling like I gotta fly away
Tell me why djs only play what they paid, to
Tell me why that bar is the truth
Tell me why they don't raise knowledge but raise the roof
Tell me why the world we living in is so wrong
Tell me why some kids don't read books but can recite just about any song
Tell me why some rappers are never respected because they never claimed to be selling dope?
Tell me why you hear my heart without a stethoscope

(to be continued)... 

Tell Me Why (Part One)
Tell me why the good suffers for the bad?
And tell me why there's so much wrong in this land?
Tell me why politicians are liars?
Tell me why it feels like we living in a deep fryer?
Now tell me why it is that you aint felt the heat?
And tell me why another Mother's crying for her Son, lost in the street?
Now tell me why those words hit ya?
And tell me why when ya looking at the hood, it's just a sad picture?
Tell me why all the riders are so divided - fighting each other when they should fight the ones that confine them?
Tell me why most in these prisons are black?
And tell me why every hood got houses that just love to sell crack?
Tell me why that they don't care about our welfare?
Tell me why there's so much evil, it feel like hell's here...
Tell me why they always lying on TV?
Tell me why u tempted by the pleasures that you can't see?
(to be continued)...

Artificiality - Fan submission by Dean Peretta
Superficial charade displayed accross your dual and transparent face,

It's essentially getting uglier by the day,
How much more of this sycophantic diatribe can I take?
Intuitive thoughts inform me that your californication fake.
Don't even consider building up false hope to inevitably let me down
Don't sharpen up your barbaric and demonic blades to ultimately take me out
Don't overestimate and expolit our comraderie for your own personal agenda
Don't acquiesce and pander to my ego for your extensive hidden pleasure
Don't thunderously mow me down when my laid-back demeanour is invisible
Don't vibrantly smile in my face like I am somehow Indispensable and I ain't sensing you
Don't dare act like we're strong, when actuality It's all gone wrong
I am courageous enough to this so, Adios, I'm gone.
I can't even look in your face, I don't remember your name, your not a murderer,
just a sweetheart rearranged.
How can you love someone else when you don't adore yourself?
Contagious feelings of emotion casually destroying someone's health
Consider serious help, better yet analyze yourself
I've had it up to here last straw, what we had is now killed.


The darkest months of the year,
the season very few are fond of.
The extreme freeze in the air,

a blight that no one can run from.
The cold rolls into town from all directions,

making its presence felt.
Grit covers the roads with countless inspections,

Jack Frost’s cards are dealt.
Outside reminds most of the Arctic,

with winds that are bitterly crisp.
Seeing your own breath in the cold air,

my, the temperature has dipped.
Walking on ice is the art of the cunning,

feet don’t fail me now.
Subzero standards leave the limbs numbing,

from the toes to the brow.
The days are shorter, the nights are longer,

and patience is non-existent.
The length of the blitz is anyone’s wonder,
it’s lasting effect is shivering and consistent.
The penetrating pressure of the chill factor,

the piercing effect of the polar-esque weather.
Hot chocolate all around is the call of the day,

frost has brought the family together.
Many species take this as a time to hibernate,

preparing for the next spring’s spoils.
Cups of teas and coffees we use to recuperate,

as we continue our toil.
Every waking day we’re one day closer to summer,

short warm nights and hot long days.
Until then we’d just love to stay under the covers,

and waste these frosted months away.

As the sunshine kisses the face of the earth
Mother Nature embraces it’s warmth in her bosom
New life emerges from the belly of the dirt
Beautiful beginning of life with every blossom
Children’s laughter fills the air of the playground
Parents gather and engage in conversation
The joy of sunshine impacts the compound
Trees dance to the wind, the courtship of pollination
Birds sing in delightful and delectable harmony
The aura all around is one of calm
As a child falls, the others laugh at the parody
In the depth of winter, joys of life keeps us warm
Lessons in life’s unavoidable complexity
Things we all can learn from
Look within yourself for truth of simplicity
March to the beat of your own drum
Looking for peace in a distressed society
Searching deep in every possible angle
Needless worries lead to high anxiety
Get ahold of yourself, find your handle
Look around at all you see before you
Look with a non-judgemental eye
Karma strengthens or weakens by actions you do
Love doesn’t stand still, much like time
Exude blessings from your soul
Let it bring warmth when you enter any room
We all have the gift and the power to control
It’s all up to you, how you see the Bloom.

A stare in the glare that she cannot compare
To anything that she's felt before
Hypnotic lights but her eyes are unaware
The tragedies that would come before
Time after time she dreams of the stage
The world to know and be in love with her
So many parts of the picture, she eluded from the frame
Would she had thought differently if they weren't?
She's oblivious and trustworthy of whoever comes along
She hears what she wants to, and is easily misguided
She understands everything has a price and is willing to pay the fee
She pays her way with out any lights, doing things she never dreamed
She sits in the shower after, thinking of her actions
Trying to cry the shame away, she thinks she's paid her dues
But only if she knew, she's just paid a fraction
She sacrifices herself, for a chance at what isn't hers
Taking comfort, in a total stranger's words
Her name starts to circulate, but she's clueless as to why
Always paying the same price, never asking why
With every step of progress made, she loses some of her soul
Her warm personality fades, growing more and more cold
She's now where she wants to be, but at such a great cost
Her purity has withered, her integrity lost
She hates mirrors because she cannot stand the sight
A bright girl turned dark, in search of the limelight.

I am me, I am you, I am him, I am her, I am us
I search for the undiscovered truth, a new age columbus
My gifts to the unknown are knowledge and faith, not gold or guns
I sail across the seas of mediocrity, the gust of faith's winds caught in my sails
The sun rays around me beams hope into my thought process
Serenity, a feeling that should never be repressed
A deployment of words
A convoy of emotions, delivered using synonyms and pronouns and verbs
Knowledge is the greatest weapon of the oppressed life
Misery is the reward of greed and strife
In a world where money seems to outweigh morals
And the world leaders work to keep it as such
The few enlighten souls seek to make a change, will we have much luck?