Friday, 21 December 2012



May have to wait a little longer for the end of the world, but as far as GOOD MUSIC goes, well that wait is officially OVER!

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Lekhem releases the long-awaited 'Grandeur Pulse', his 12-track, Instrumental mixtape, packed with Contemporary R&B, Hip Hip, Soul and much, MUCH more!

Can't download til later? We've still got you covered! Preview  90-second clips of all 12 tracks OR the mixtape in FULL via Lekhem's YouTube Channel -

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Friday, 14 December 2012



Here is your FIRST LOOK at the artwork for 'Grandeur Pulse', Lekhem's Instrumental mixtape set for release ONE WEEK TODAY...

Designed entirely by Lekhem himself, the theme is a tribute to his love of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau style of the 1930's.

Be sure to download the 12-track EP right here next Friday, 21st December. 

Want it early? Members of LekLane will receive 'Grandeur Pulse' straight to their Inboxes, THIS MONDAY, 17TH! Sign up via the tab above...

Excited yet?



Download 'Love Like That' by Richard Osborne ft. Lekhem Now

'Love Like That', the long-awaited single from Richard Osborne featuring Lekhem is out now as a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Taken from Osborne's forthcoming 'Late Night Thoughts' EP, don't forget to support your boys by sharing the link and adding the #LoveLikeThat hashtag to your tweets...


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What's In A Name? ('Grandeur Pulse' Release Date - Official)

What's In A Name? ('Grandeur Pulse' Release Date - Official)

If you're a Registered Member on here, or follow me on Twitter (@Lekhem_ if not ;-]), then you'll know that I confirmed my next release date this week.

The day that I decided to make this mixtape, 'Grandeur Pulse', I already had the release date in my head. I decided to go with the 21st December 2012. In all honesty, my main reason for that is, because it's been the date that's thrown around that the 'world is meant to end' and all of that malarkey!

From the film '2012', to other forms of media, that date has been associated with this for years now and I felt to poke fun at that in the best way I know how. One of the great things about that, is that it lands on the last Friday before Christmas - I couldn't help myself, lol. With that being said, you'll all be able to enjoy the new music right into your festive season.

Mark your calendars, advents, all that good stuff - 'Grandeur Pulse', my new Intrumentals mixtape - 21/12/12...


Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Next 'Grand' Design...

The Next 'Grand' Design...

Hey everyone!

As announced last week, to close off 2012 I will be releasing an instrumental mixtape (EP) all produced by myself. The aim of this project is to show growth as a producer since 'KrateDiggin' and a musician as a whole.

Throughout this year, while working very hard as an artist, I've been working on my instrumentals as well. During the last few months I would, from time to time, speak of a new sound that I've been working on and Grandeur Pulse will be a perfect opportunity to give an example into what that is all 
about. The name ‘Grandeur Pulse’ gives an indication into that, but it's something that I will explain closer to the release date...

The look and sound of this project will be a very sleek one, but there will be more info to come on that as the days become closer!
Until then, the ‘Lin Feng’ instrumental is a taster...Made to signify the return to my production duties for the remainder of 2012, as explained last week, my inspiration behind it was the whole 'Wu Tang Clan' type of hip hop that was heavily influenced by a lot of martial arts films.

I wanted to make something like that as I've always loved the sound and being a natural fan of a lot of Eastern aspects (martial arts, art, etc), I felt it only right to continue that in my own creative way. I've got a few more instrumentals with that sound and will be releasing them over time.

We've got much more coming between now and the release ,so make sure you stay with us...


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Preparing for Grandeur...

Preparing for Grandeur...

Hello LekLaners,

I want to start this off by wishing you well, hoping that you had a good weekend and that you have a productive week coming.

We here at ESP Ltd. are currently going through a small period of reconstruction, even reinvention if you will. During this time, as you've already noticed, we have been a little quieter than normal. We thank you for continuing to diligently support us as you always have.

As a personal THANK YOU from myself on behalf of EVERY member of ESP, I've decided to give an insight into some of the new works I've been doing, so I'm going to be releasing a new body of Instrumentals.

The name of the project will be 'Grandeur Pulse' and as the name indicates will be an example of the new sounds that we're creating over here. I'll be releasing the project just before the end of 2012 to round off what has been a very busy, productive and interesting year to say the least.

Kicking things off with 'Lin Feng', this latest release is influenced by the old skool hip hop that used the Eastern samples I've always loved. Like Wu Tang, but in my way, I've been told by the Queen of Trivia that the name has many definitions that all describe me personally, the most fitting one being 'contrasting qualities in nature...being creative or artistic in a practical way'...I think Ms. ESP might be trying to tell me something...

Listen, enjoy, comment and share, the first taste of what's to come from me in the next few months:

All the best to each and every one of you.


Monday, 17 September 2012

#LekPress: Ed.29 of #TheSauce - 'ViRGO' Special!

#LekPress: Ed.29 of #TheSauce - 'ViRGO' Special!

If you follow Lekhem on Facebook or Twitter, then you will be aware that he features the latest news and updates in '#TheSauce from The ESP Family' every Sunday.

Read All About Him! This week is a 'ViRGO' Special...

The 29th Edition was a salute to our resident Jamerican on his birthday, so please do have a read, comment and share ahead of the next one!

Thanks and have a great Week!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

#LekPress 'ViRGO' - #ESPspotlight Review

#LekPress 'ViRGO' - #ESPspotlight Review

I can't not share my thoughts and I certainly didn't take it easy on them! Read my Spotlight Review on Lekhem and Korshun's mixtape release.

Don't forget to share the piece OR your thoughts on it...

Hope you enjoy my take on it!


Friday, 14 September 2012

#LekPress: Lekhem and Korshun in the #FindOutFriday Hotseat!

#LekPress: Lekhem and Korshun in the #FindOutFriday Hotseat!

It's that time again! Lekhem's back in my #FindOutFriday hotseat, but this time with a twist! I play him and Korshun off against one another, while getting up to a little bit of mischief...Read, Enjoy and don't forget to share!


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

#LekPress: Show Off Your Music Interview

#LekPress: Show Off Your Music Interview

That troublesome duo Lekhem and Korshun feature in their first interview for #ViRGO this week. Have a read of their chat and don't forget to share!

With thanks to Tanya Leighton!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

'ViRGO' is Here!

'ViRGO' is Here!

Finally it’s here! The tag team mixtape with myself and Korshun is ready for you! We’re both fresh out the studio with a body of music that’s full of life! On this project, we have uptempo tracks, slower tracks, songs for the ladies, the fellas...just about everyone.

Being the 'ViRGO' mixtape, Korshun and I felt it only right to express a few different aspects of a Virgo man’s personality. We wanted an artistic idea of how to do that, beyond just being average and giving straight up definitions etc, within the songs. That in itself is an aspect of the Virgo man. From the intro, it’s clear to hear that you’ll be in for a great listen.

Click To Download

Musically, this is a very exciting project with production credits from Myke Forte, Low P, Viper, Taebeast, Jacob Levin, Venom Productions and more. Infusing hip hop with soul, a gritty sound and a new school edge, 'ViRGO' is a very explosive and entertaining project.

"Dun know #cosign...looool" – Korshun

'ViRGO' Track Breakdown!

'ViRGO' Track Breakdown!

Here we’re going to give you a track by track break down of the mixtape. You know us Virgo's are going to go above and beyond for you!

1: SEPTEMBER (Intro)

Produced by Viper with skit edits by Lekhem, this was the perfect vibe to kick off the mixtape.


This song kicks off the mixtape with one of the best ways that Korshun and Lekhem know how to, LYRICISM! Taebeast provides the music backdrop as we both “tear into the mic”.


From the very first drop of this song you’ll be grooving to it with tight production from LP Hoodz. Released as part of the promotional package, this is a very catch song that grabs attention very quickly.


Produced by Venom Productions infusing the Greek Mythology story of Prometheus with Hip Hop, this concept helped to shape the entire mixtape. A hard hitting song with a very strong point.


One of the hype tracks on the mixtape with probably the most infectious hook of the whole project! A real fun, gritty sound with powerful vocals with a great message. It shows the determination and drive of an artist, and also touches on one of the potential vices that an artist could face.


A song that can be perceived as being extremely cocky but in all honesty that is further from the truth. It’s simply stating that we can do what we do, very well, and make it just “look easy”. ViRGO ha ha


Produced by Renzaboy, this is a favourite among a lot of people. First featured on Korshun’s Valenrhymes’ mixtape and after all the response we thought that it would only be right to bring it onto the ViRGO project. This song details the thoughts that go through a man’s head whilst on the dancefloor.


Virgo males are often seen by people as very cold and emotionless, which is one of the biggest myths around. This song right here helps to diffuse that idea. With smooth and soulful production from Taebeast, giving the perfect backdrop.

9: MUSIC (Interlude)

A bit of fun by Korshun. Not much can really be said or broken down about this, just listen and enjoy lol 


Straight up feel good music. Myke Forte’s production on this fits perfectly with the concept which makes for a very smooth and entertaining song.


This song is exactly as it says on the title. One for the smokers. Packed with energetic flows, it’s definitely one to enjoy a session to. Lekhem and Korshun display 2 different ways in which a person would feel to do what the titles says.


Closing the mixtape with some energetic production from Jacob Levin, this is a lively way to close off the project. One for the clubs without a doubt! BANGER!!!!!! 

And that’s the breakdown of the tracks on the ViRGO mixtape from Korshun and myself! Grab your copy of ViRGO at SIX O'CLOCK and enjoy the good music coming from The Sixth Sign!


Friday, 31 August 2012

Once In A Blue Moon...

Once In A Blue Moon...

Hey People!

The Queen of Random Trivia, Ms. EricaSharlette is always telling me these random facts about things that have me thinking for awhile after we've talked.

The latest is about a story she read in the news about tonight having a rare blue moon that only shows up once every two and a half years, causing that well known phrase to come about...She asked a question that I to think about at the time and I thought since it's been a minute since I talked to all of you, I'd tell you what I came up with.

Every Once In A Blue Moon, I'd like to be on a beach during the night time, with a bunch of friends around a camp fire. I know it's one of those 'cheesy' moments that they depict in movies all the time and all, but they never showed it the Jamaican way...There's actually something really cool about it.

Good weather, good friends, good food and the like, all put together, makes for a great time; everyone can relate to that. Experiences that are referred to as 'Once In A Blue Moon' are the ones that are embedded in the memory for a long time, so let's try to fill our lives with more 'Once In A Blue Moon' moments...

Feel free to share yours below, why not hit that #OnceInABlueMoon hashtag on twitter and compare what you got? You never know who you might share that desire with.


Thursday, 16 August 2012



Hey Everyone,
Hope you have enjoyed the London 2012 Olympics. It’s been such a great experience and one that will live long in the memory. Team GB had an excellent 2 weeks, coming 3rd in the overall tables for medals won (the best Team GB has done in modern history).
Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and every other member of the team did themselves and the nation extremely proud; exhibiting the determination, drive, passion, commitment and valour that real champions show. The whole nation was in unity as they cheered and encouraged all the GB athletes through their various challenges and it was evident that their massive roars of applause helped to motivate them.
Team USA have done really good as well, with the Americans being in the top 3 of overall medals won ranking. Michael Phelps from Team USA became the greatest Olympian ever right here in London where he’s picked up a total of 21 medals throughout his illustrious career.
Team JA, as expected, has continued to dominate the track and field events of the Olympics. Bolt went on to become a record-breaking sprinter with yet another world record (4x100m) and also the first sprinter to successfully defend the 100m and 200m gold medals in back to back Olympics.
All 206 Countries that participated in the Games did their best for the nation and their countrymen. I'm especially proud of the three that I call home. It’s been a great 2 weeks for sport and the world as a whole. All the athletes from the various countries have done well to make this Olympics event one of the best ever. It’s been a great display and I’m looking forward to Rio 2016.


Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Sixth Sign...

The Sixth Sign...

What’s Good People!

If you caught #TheSauce from the ESP camp last week, you'll know we announced the 'VIRGO' mixtape, that is the duo act with Myself and Korshun (R2S), will be out early this September.

I can now officially announce that the release date for my second tagteam mixtape of the year, will be

 5th September 2012!

This tape will boast credits from UK and International producers and will be jam packed with the storytelling ability that both Korshun and myself possess. One thing I am sure of is that the content and concepts that will be on this body of work will be of the highest level.

VIRGO will feature tracks that speak on the best Zodiac sign in the calendar ;-) and also various avenues and experiences of life. There will be something on this tape for everyone, from the ladies to the hip hop heads and everything inbetween!

Speaking on the project, Korshun added:

"With this mixtape, I'm looking to represent the traits of a Virgo to the fullest. What you see is what you get and if you don't get that...Ah well!"

So there you have it...Look out for more details coming to you very soon!


For a reminder of what these two cook up in the booth, check out 'Dance With Me', taken from Korshun's 'Valenrhymes' mixtape earlier this year:

'Valenrhymes' is available on 'The Food' now...

Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Where Da Real At' Videoshoot...

'Where Da Real At' Videoshoot...

Yesterday we shot the video shoot for ‘Where Da Real At’, a fan favourite from the ‘KROnicles Of IntelLEK’ mixtape with Krome, featuring Seta (Trend). This track is fully bred in West London as all 3 of the artists all reign from the left side of the map, along with the producer of the record, Bulg. Shot around various parts of West London with MCTV; the video stays true to the concept of ‘showing where the real is at’.

In traditional fashion, all the members from the team that were able to make it down to the shoot and we gathered at ‘The HQ’ before linking up with Michael from MCTV and getting underway with the shooting. MAJOR props goes out to hi;, a very calm and collected brother who’s very professional with a creative eye. He did a lot of great work throughout the day; was patient and went above and beyond the expected more than once. Very much looking forward to the final product!


I’m not going to give too much away about locations as I want you all to go and watch the video, a few times in fact; when it comes out! Is there a possibility to a sequel of the video? You never know ;) Having Reginald, Culprit, TrixCity, Korshun, Evo at the shoot lead to an afternoon of work that was filled with banter, jokes and general mischief that comes with all of us. There were so many random freestyles, beat-boxing, pranks etc that happened on-set, do not be surprised if you see some hilarious random footage coming out as well...

I want to thank everyone involved that helped to make the day a success. We battled through some bad weather and made what could have been a negative into a few positive points.

Look out for the ‘Where Da Real At’ video coming very soon! And if you haven’t already, please download the ‘KROnicles Of IntelLEK’ mixtape.

Until the next time!


Friday, 6 July 2012

#LEKNEWS: R2S CHIBA CYPHER / Unsigned Hype Spotlight Feature

#LEKNEWS: R2S CHIBA CYPHER / Unsigned Hype Spotlight Feature

It's time for the third cypher from 14-strong, West London collective R2S, in 30 days!

Along with his musical brothers, Lekhem drops 16 bars of fire and reminds everyone why the 'Alien Resident is a force to be reckoned with...

And in other #LekNews: Mary Nicholson, Unsigned Hype UK Blogger and Promoter wrote a hugely supportive post putting Lekhem in the Spotlight.

Please take a moment to read, share and feedback to Mary on her works!


The Right Way to have a Great Weekend...

The Right Way to have a Great Weekend...

Earlier this afternoon, the homie Banditsu released 'Great Weekend', produced by myself.

This song is going to be featured on his upcoming mixtape entitled 'The Miseducation of Itsu'; due out later on this year.

From the very first time that I played him the instrumental a few months ago, he was in love with it and promised me that he was going to do a classic track to it. A little while later, I had a message from him, letting me know that he had completed the song and he sent it over to me....I was in awe and excitement when I heard it, as the concept that he had placed on it just fit perfectly with the calm backdrop that the music provides.

This is definitely one for those who love to have a good weekend and for all my 'herbalists' out there...Staying true to that, it was released at 4:20PM. Those who can figure out why, know wassup ;)...

Make sure you check out Banditsu as an artist, a great addition to the UK Hip Hop circuit, believe me. Checkout his latest mixtape to date, Answer 2 My Calling 2 (A2MC2) and follow him on twitter: @Banditsu_Music.

#GreatWeekend Check it out!


Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Internet: Music's Help or Hindrance

The Internet: Music’s Help or Hindrance?

So here I am, Sunday morning at 5am (yes you read that right), wide awake and incapable of sleep due to another attack from my wonderful insomnia. I know that it’s been a lil while since I placed a new blog piece so I thought (maybe the lack of sleep helped) this time around speaking on a subject I have a lot to speak on.  

The Internet has done so much for the music industry since its introduction to the general public back in the 90s. In my own personal opinion it’s not always as easy to establish whether it has been for the better or for the worse. I’m going to go through as much of the aspects as I can right now. There’s a strong chance that I will not hit every single angle in this one piece, as it is such a vast subject matter that is forever being changed and updated with new rules and guidelines being developed, by both Internet service providers as well as record labels and companies. If I’ve missed anything or didn’t speak enough on something then let me know, we can make this an interesting topic of conversation.


With the introduction of the Internet, came the capability to listen to music much faster than normal. This doesn’t sound like a hindrance and truthfully it isn’t; but what that lead to would turn out to be one of the worst things to ever hit the music industry. With an increased rate of access for listeners to hear music came in my eyes, the quite obvious, increased rate of demand for listeners to have music in their collection, faster.

Napster became the relative founder, leader and portal for illegal MP3 downloads. A step forward that is hurting the music industry to this very day. A fast way for you to get new releases and your favourite music right on your computer, in a new format that would allow you to have an unlimited amount of music, that would take up an entire room if it was in a tangible format eg: CD’s, Vinyl.

That statement leads to another hindrance in my eyes. If your reading this and you grew up in the 90’s, do you remember going to the record shop to buy your new cd or cassette? (let’s be real for a minute, we’ve all grown up to respect Vinyl but when we were growing up, none of us wanted to be caught carrying an ACTUAL record and being teased for being a granddad, etc). Do you remember running your fingers through racks and racks and racks of music throughout the store, trying to find that one record you could buy, or you already knew what it was you were going for and you were just scouring to find it? Remember that feeling of holding it and just feeling that sense of pride knowing your holding a piece of history? Looking through the album artwork, examining every detail and reading all the credits while doing so? WELL if you do, the Internet has now virtually taken that experience from you. If you are reading this and are too young to understand that last paragraph and feel the emotion I am talking about, I can only say that you missed out on one of the most authentic experiences that music brings. Sorry.

Now you go on the Internet, buy your MP3 album on iTunes or like, load it up to your mp3 player and away you go. Yes you can still examine the artwork, but through a screen...That extra connection that you as a listener would have with an artist’s work is now gone. Those who really know, really understand.

Another hindrance that the Internet has brought to the music industry - and as an upcoming artist I’m having a lot of ‘balls’ to be saying this - is that everyone’s now an artist, producer, etc. Just about every Tom, Dick, Harry, Joe, Billy Bob and Steve now have the capability to make their music, then distribute and promote via the Internet. The music industry has become oversaturated with a lot of monotonous and repetitive sounding music, coming from people who are not as talented in the field as is required. Quality control has now been diminished and it’s apparently now up to the listener to understand this and apply it. In my eyes, that’s totally unfair on the general public, as what this does is lower the standard that they should be expecting. I’ve not even touched on the angles of hindrance for the record labels, artist, musicians and producers, etc but I’m going to leave those for now.


On the flip side to that last point; one of the big helps that the Internet has given the music industry, is that it has now paved the way for people who would normally not stand a chance to be recognised by a company, or get themselves recognised or to sell their products themselves. There are countless stories of artists, musicians, producers etc who have used the Internet to make great careers for themselves, either totally independently or to help get recognition. Just as there are people out there who are using the Internet to get into the music industry who truthfully don’t deserve it, there are also ones who are so worthy of every single opportunity that they can get or produce, because of the web. From the capacity to make contact with an immense number of people who may have been practically unreachable, if the access provided by the web wasn’t there, to the ability to be self sufficient with your music, whether via free downloads or paid.

Another great help for the music industry is the amount of people that can be reached. This stems off the last point; constantly being able to pick up new listeners for music is never a problem on the Internet. If you’re promoting, as long as you have the patience to go to new sites all the time, you’ll never reach a limit to who you can approach. As a listener, your pool of music is overflowing and will be for some time to come. No matter what type of music you want, from whatever country, from whatever time period - there is a very good chance you will find it in just a few searches on the web.

The Internet has helped to spread music to places that, more than likely it would have never reached without a proper promotional budget from a company. Technically, it is the biggest radio in the world; you are the DJ all the time and you can do that without having all the records in the world, piling up and taking up rooms of space in your house. There’s literally no end to the amount of music that you can find on there now a days. MP3s have made it possible for you to have as much music as you want, or your hard-drive can hold. That’s the great thing about mp3s, you can have a (physically) small phone, memory card etc but hold 100s of albums and songs with ease. Anywhere you go, you can bring your entire music collection and never have to physically strain with the possibly impossible load that it would be, if it were tangible music.

These are, in my opinion, some of the helps and hindrances that The Internet has provided the music industry with. As I said earlier, there’s a lot of points on both sides that I’ve yet to address. What do you feel has been a help or hindrance to the music industry? Let me know.


Sunday, 24 June 2012

#LekLane News...

#LekLane News...

Head over to 'Poetic Justice' for Lekhem's latest composition: 'Yesterday's Tomorrow'...

Don't forget that you can submit your own works too*! Lekhem will select his favourite pieces to feature alongside his own.

Hope you enjoy it!
ESP Ltd. for Lekhem

*maximum entries - two per person, per month.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Family Guy (No Stewie)...

Family Guy (No Stewie)...

Hey People.

I'm back again for another update. Told ya I’d keep you informed as to what’s been happening. May has been a very hectic month for myself, the ESP team and also the R2S team.

To start off, I've been getting down to some writing for my next solo project. I’ve had a few concepts that I've been formulating in my head for awhile now and got some of them down onto paper this week. I've also been arranging features; from producers to rappers and singers. It’s all coming together really well and I'm really confident that this is going to be a very solid body of work that will live up to expectations.

I also have a little 'side project' that I am working on. By now, I'm pretty sure that you’ll know I am a very ambitious guy who is always thinking of other aspects and avenues to work with. This way of thinking hasn't left me and won’t anytime soon. I’m unable to speak too much about it at the moment but I can give a little clue; just like I said as the last 4 words to close the KROnicles Of IntelLEK mixtape - “it’s more than music”.

When you surround yourself with motivation and drive, it only fuels your own fire. I'm Blessed to have two camps to push me and you know what they say: Family is as Family does...

The ESP team has been going hard as always. You already know that the ES in the P never stops. She’s got her hands in a few pies that I can’t talk about publicly or I’ll never hear the end of it, just know it is BIG! Always stepping up the levels, making the rest of us play catch up; that’s ok, we don't mind, she just needs to sleep more...Drassick has been back in the studio, laying down those killer vocals. He also recently did a videoshoot for ‘SteamRollin’, a collaboration record with Breddwinnaz’ Stirra and my friend Panic Phaze from Slough amongst others, with very energetic production from CDot. Charli-Anne has been working on Deer Oh Deer stuff for their Friday showcase at Old Spitalfields Market with magnificent results! Seriously guys, if you've not been checking their stuff out you REALLY need to. 

My R2S family have been working as always as well. We've been in the studio finalising tracks for 'The Rebelution Part 2' and more 'Underground Gems'. We’re working on a very exciting sound and cannot wait to get it to you guys. Some good music is being made at the moment! I want to give a shout out to TrixCity for giving me a PREVIEW listen of his new mixtape ‘Arts Of Facts’ which is out very soon. I've got to say he’s done really well on this. The content is thoughtful, enjoyable, relatable and so organic. The features that he has on there for production and vocal duties all help to play their role in shaping this project which will pleasantly take people by surprise. Very powerful music indeed.

That’s it for now; as always, keep up with what I'm doing right here. If you haven't before, take a minute and go through the blog fully, I've got a lot of content for you all. Take care of yourselves out there beautiful people.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Dreams Work When the Team Works...

Dreams Work When the Team Works...

Hey People,

I hope you guys have been enjoying the weekend.

Last night in front of over 300 Million TV viewers, my beloved Chelsea won the Champions League title for the first time in our history. It's also the first time that a team from London has lifted the trophy.

Already being classed as one of the best final in years by some, it was definitely a game that lived up to all the expectations and more. Our opponents Bayern Munich are a very strong team and on a another night, I'm almost sure the result would have went another way but Lady Luck was with the boys in blue.

Luck has played a major part in Chelsea's European conquest this season, just like any team that's won it before. That stroke of luck needs to be present and it was for us.

Congratulations to Chelsea FC and the players on gaining their very well-deserved Champions League winner's cup and medals. They went to Germany as the underdogs and have left as winners.



Sunday, 13 May 2012

Spring Into Action...

Spring Into Action...

What’s happening people!

You know when you haven’t heard from me in a little bit, it means that I've been working hard. This time around it’s been no different whatsoever. Right now, I'm going to give you guys a little catch up on what I’ve been getting up to...

So here we go, in no particular order, check how we've been cruising down LekLane.

I've had the opportunity to place some beats to a pretty-well known and respected young R&B/Neo-Soul singer. It’s all for an upcoming project that she’ll be working on and knowing her calibre, there will be some big name artists/producers on that project as well. If I'm fortunate to get myself on there then that’s going to be another pretty good step in the right direction.

As I am sure you're familiar with by now, I am a part of R2S; the now 14-strong hip hop collective reigning from West London. January of this year saw the release of the long awaited mixtape, The Rebelution Part 1 (you got that yet?). Well, this month we've started the mixing process for the eagerly anticipated follow up, The Rebelution Part 2. This is shaping up to become one of the most powerful and professionally executed mixtapes to come out of the UK Hip Hop scene this year. Myself, Krome and Evo AC (the same trio that did the mixing and mastering for the ‘KROnicles Of IntelLEK’ mixtape) have started to work on these songs. With hot tracks from all the members that you’re already familiar with, there’s also new fire from the newest members of the group: Seta Trend, Trix City, and Evo AC. Closer to the release date, there will be more preview tracks being uploaded but until then, here’s a reminder of that preview I shared with you guys a little while back.

'Why Don’t They Know' features Myself, Seta, Trix. Up and coming vocalist CC provides a magical gloss for the chorus... 

I also had a meeting with R2S's TaYshan about my acting role in one of his videos, where we sat down and went through the script and storyboard that he wrote. We already had some filming done from previous shoots so this meeting was a bit more about the direction etc. We’ve got a lot more in store for you with that project than even I had realised, so I can’t wait for it to all start! Make sure you look out for TaYshan’sSparta’ video coming real soon!

You’ll be glad to know that I am working on my next solo project as well. I’ve been getting down to a lot of writing and beat selection etc. and although I've not selected a title or a release date just as yet, there’s one thing that I can guarantee right now though:

'Str8 Out Da Oven'
available for Download from 'The Food'

after the feedback from 'Hold Up Ur Lighter'
off of the 'Str8 Out Da Oven' mixtape...

'The Raise EP'
also available from 'The Food'

and ‘The Block
off ‘The Raise EP’...

I’ll be making sure to have more of my own productions on this project.

And that’s basically it! There’s a bit more info I could give you; but then the people signed up to my Membership wouldn't be getting exclusive info and where’s the fun in spoiling all the surprises right away anyway, lol!

Before I go, I’ll just say that I’ve been working on some stuff that people would not expect from me, which I think you guys will enjoy. Im not going to give a clue about whether it’s a new song, new productions or even if it’s got to do with music at all ;)