Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Sixth Sign...

The Sixth Sign...

What’s Good People!

If you caught #TheSauce from the ESP camp last week, you'll know we announced the 'VIRGO' mixtape, that is the duo act with Myself and Korshun (R2S), will be out early this September.

I can now officially announce that the release date for my second tagteam mixtape of the year, will be

 5th September 2012!

This tape will boast credits from UK and International producers and will be jam packed with the storytelling ability that both Korshun and myself possess. One thing I am sure of is that the content and concepts that will be on this body of work will be of the highest level.

VIRGO will feature tracks that speak on the best Zodiac sign in the calendar ;-) and also various avenues and experiences of life. There will be something on this tape for everyone, from the ladies to the hip hop heads and everything inbetween!

Speaking on the project, Korshun added:

"With this mixtape, I'm looking to represent the traits of a Virgo to the fullest. What you see is what you get and if you don't get that...Ah well!"

So there you have it...Look out for more details coming to you very soon!


For a reminder of what these two cook up in the booth, check out 'Dance With Me', taken from Korshun's 'Valenrhymes' mixtape earlier this year:

'Valenrhymes' is available on 'The Food' now...

Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Where Da Real At' Videoshoot...

'Where Da Real At' Videoshoot...

Yesterday we shot the video shoot for ‘Where Da Real At’, a fan favourite from the ‘KROnicles Of IntelLEK’ mixtape with Krome, featuring Seta (Trend). This track is fully bred in West London as all 3 of the artists all reign from the left side of the map, along with the producer of the record, Bulg. Shot around various parts of West London with MCTV; the video stays true to the concept of ‘showing where the real is at’.

In traditional fashion, all the members from the team that were able to make it down to the shoot and we gathered at ‘The HQ’ before linking up with Michael from MCTV and getting underway with the shooting. MAJOR props goes out to hi;, a very calm and collected brother who’s very professional with a creative eye. He did a lot of great work throughout the day; was patient and went above and beyond the expected more than once. Very much looking forward to the final product!


I’m not going to give too much away about locations as I want you all to go and watch the video, a few times in fact; when it comes out! Is there a possibility to a sequel of the video? You never know ;) Having Reginald, Culprit, TrixCity, Korshun, Evo at the shoot lead to an afternoon of work that was filled with banter, jokes and general mischief that comes with all of us. There were so many random freestyles, beat-boxing, pranks etc that happened on-set, do not be surprised if you see some hilarious random footage coming out as well...

I want to thank everyone involved that helped to make the day a success. We battled through some bad weather and made what could have been a negative into a few positive points.

Look out for the ‘Where Da Real At’ video coming very soon! And if you haven’t already, please download the ‘KROnicles Of IntelLEK’ mixtape.

Until the next time!


Friday, 6 July 2012

#LEKNEWS: R2S CHIBA CYPHER / Unsigned Hype Spotlight Feature

#LEKNEWS: R2S CHIBA CYPHER / Unsigned Hype Spotlight Feature

It's time for the third cypher from 14-strong, West London collective R2S, in 30 days!

Along with his musical brothers, Lekhem drops 16 bars of fire and reminds everyone why the 'Alien Resident is a force to be reckoned with...

And in other #LekNews: Mary Nicholson, Unsigned Hype UK Blogger and Promoter wrote a hugely supportive post putting Lekhem in the Spotlight.

Please take a moment to read, share and feedback to Mary on her works!


The Right Way to have a Great Weekend...

The Right Way to have a Great Weekend...

Earlier this afternoon, the homie Banditsu released 'Great Weekend', produced by myself.

This song is going to be featured on his upcoming mixtape entitled 'The Miseducation of Itsu'; due out later on this year.

From the very first time that I played him the instrumental a few months ago, he was in love with it and promised me that he was going to do a classic track to it. A little while later, I had a message from him, letting me know that he had completed the song and he sent it over to me....I was in awe and excitement when I heard it, as the concept that he had placed on it just fit perfectly with the calm backdrop that the music provides.

This is definitely one for those who love to have a good weekend and for all my 'herbalists' out there...Staying true to that, it was released at 4:20PM. Those who can figure out why, know wassup ;)...

Make sure you check out Banditsu as an artist, a great addition to the UK Hip Hop circuit, believe me. Checkout his latest mixtape to date, Answer 2 My Calling 2 (A2MC2) and follow him on twitter: @Banditsu_Music.

#GreatWeekend Check it out!