Monday, 19 December 2011

Lekhem at Muzikality 6 Dec - Performance & Interviews

Hi All!

if you still haven't caught the footage from Lekhem and Krome's Muzikality performance earlier this month, see it here:

Also, don't miss The Boys' interview with Not Signed TV afterward:

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Krome (R2S)
Not Signed TV


EricaSharlette (ESP)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Behind The Scenes - The Making of 'The Raise EP'

Since his mixtape release, Lekhem has been asked a LOT of creative questions both directly and by way of ESP. So we thought, what better way to answer them all, than to sit down for a track-by-track breakdown of the entire EP, straight from the artist himself?


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EricaSharlette (ESP)

Unsigned Hype New Year's Special News!

As you all know, Lekhem and his ESP brother Drassick both feature on many of the KILLER compilations so far...Well the New Year's Special is next and in typical UH fashion; the hardest working team out there are coming at you differently for 2012...

Check the Boys out in the brand spanking new promo video and if you haven't yet, COP THE MIXTAPE SERIES SO FAR!!!

The group are REALLY moving, it's honour for Lekhem, Drassick and ESP to be associated-well done to Robyn and the UH Team!

EricaSharlette (ESP)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

LekPress: The First Lady Meets...Lekhem

Ahead of his KILLER set at this Sunday's First Lady Christmas Fayre, Lekhem had a little chat with Organiser Tamu of Kenema Girl...have a read here.

If you haven't got your tickets yet, get yourself over to eventbrite for the best £5 you'll spend this Christmas!

And for a taste of what went down when Lekhem performed at the Summer Fayre, sneak a peek at the 'Stagelights' playlist on the Telegenicz Page.

We want to see you there!


EricaSharlette (ESP)

Friday, 2 December 2011

A Little Catch-up...

How’s everyone doing? Time for that winter grind! Get your boots and your jackets on and get it cracking.

Ok I know I haven’t been blogging as much as I wanted to but that’s because I’ve been working hard on the music! Im glad to say that this December 1st, myself and my ESP “brother-in-arms” Drassick, featured on 2 mixtapes! 

Muzikality Compilation Release (Press Release)
One is the Muzikality Compilation Vol 1 coming from the NJM camp. My song on there is called 'She’s The Opposite' and features my good friend Streetz DV. The track is also produced by myself but I'm not gonna tell you anything else about it, because I want you to go get a copy and SUPPORT talented, unsigned artists!!

There will be a Muzikality show on Dec 6th that both myself and Drassick will be performing at. It's first time that both of the ESP dudes will be on the same stage on the same night. I'm really looking forward to that, it's bound to be a memorable experience!

Do not miss it!


Unsigned Hype UK, Vol 3: Xmas Special (Press Release)
The second mixtape that Drassick and I are featured on is the Unsigned Hype Vol 3 – Xmas Special. This is the 3rd instalment of the series and the 2nd that I am featured on. My song on there is called “Where I’m From”. This mixtape is full of talented, unsigned acts from both the UK and the USA. Make sure you go and pick up a copy and show your support!

I want to thank both the Unsigned Hype UK and the NJM teams. Both are working hard to help bring the required exposure to unsigned acts and I commend their efforts highly. Well done to you both!

And last, but definitely not least...
It’s now officially been a month since the release of my latest offering, The Raise EP. I’m EXTREMELY proud to say that so far we have hit figures of over 6,200 downloads directly through Twitter, Facebook and Word Of Mouth. To me it still feels a little bit surreal when I think about it. I'm entirely thankful to EVERYONE that has gone and got themselves a copy, those who have constantly played my music and spread the word about what we’re doing. I again want to thank everyone involved in the creation of this project from the producers, features and studio engineers; to the artwork, artistic concept and photography. I'm truly grateful for all the work that you’ve put in. It all means so much more than you think it does.

With every step in our journey of life, we move closer to our dreams


Wednesday, 23 November 2011


You can next catch Lekhem LIVE tearing up at the Muzikality Relaunch & CD Compilation Release Party on 6th December!

Performing an EXCLUSIVE, never before heard track with a SPECIAL GUEST, the song appears on the compilation itself, which drops on 1st December; look out for more info on that closer to the time!

Limited tickets are available at £6. You can find full event information at

See you on the 6th!

(EricaSharlette, ESP for Lekhem)

Friday, 4 November 2011

Hello People!!
How has your week been? Hope it’s been a productive one. This week for me, psssh, the release of The Raise happened! It has been a lot of good work, great nerves and fantastic feedback.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Welcome to LekLane...

Hello people, how are we doing?
Well today is the day. ‘The Raise’ has hit the Internet! How you liking it? I'm sure you’re enjoying that. I guess you thought that me dropping this release would have been all that’s happening, but nope! The team and myself have been working hard to ‘raise’ the level of everything that we’re doing, musically in and in several other avenues. ‘WalkWithLek’, while I tell you about it...
In this life, like the banner above says, “We make our own lane”. I wrote that for the track ‘Loyalty’, because I am working hard to establish myself, and striving everyday to take a step closer to mine. As we “carry on that right path”; I’m so happy that you can finally take this journey with me through my official blog!