Thursday, 19 January 2012

'Win With Lek'! Musicalize Competition, 26th JAN

How do you fancy schmoozing with an A-Z of 'Who's Who' in the Music Industry?

How about catching LIVE performances from some of today's biggest artists on the UK Music Scene?

All of that AND...the chance to meet your favourite Jamerican in the flesh? Yeah, we knew that last part would get you...!

Lady Leshurr headlines the venue and website launch for what's fast becoming London's most popular live music event!

Enter the Musicalize competition over at ESP Ltd. by answering the easiest of questions for a chance to win a free pair of tickets! For LekFans, this couldn't be simpler, all you need to do is:

Finish the Title of Track 8 from 'The Raise EP':

'Brand New ________'

Send your answers, with the following info by 7PM TOMORROW, 20th January, for a chance to enjoy the hottest live music show on the scene:
  • FULL Name
  • Age
  • Twitter / Facebook Name
Don't forget to follow @MusicalizeUK, Organisers @SophDoubleM_Ent and @Ben_D_A for the latest event news.

Look forward to seeing you there!

EricaSharlette ;)

Monday, 16 January 2012

A Week in the Life...

What's happening?

Thought I'd give you a little insight into a typical work week in Lek's World...

It started with a progressive and funny, as usual, meeting with ESP head honcho, Erica Sharlette. We got down to work and formulated quite a few moves which you will all be seeing in the coming weeks.

Then, it was back to the Lab for me. Working on "The Rebelution Part 2" (you should be familiar with Part 1 by now, if not then please check it out). Writing some new songs, mixing some of the pre-recorded stuff and also working on further up-and-coming projects. I told you this year I'm going in, I mean that.

I've also been putting some work together for 'KrateDiggin'... Now I know that if you've been checking what's been going on with me, you would have seen mentions a few times here and there. An official announcement will be coming real soon; but in the meantime mystery is an alluring thing, don't you think?

Towards the end of the week, I got myself into 2 new music videos. 'Germs' coming off The Rebelution Part 1 is a rugged, hard-hitting, titan of a cypher that features Korshun, TaYshan, Prophyle and Krome. I make a small cameo appearance in that. I also filmed a part in the video for TaYshan's single, 'Spartan'. I'm proud to say that this track has been selling well for TaY in various Countries around the world, prompting the need for the video.
I play one of the main roles in the storyline. Not gonna reveal much about what I am doing, or the scenarios...just know that you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for these two videos coming your way real soon...

Finally, the week ended  with the honcho I started out with, at the Queen of Hoxton. DeJaVu FM's 'We Play Music' live music launch was a great opportunity for some networking, where I ran into a few familiar faces and met some new ones that I look forward to connecting with soon.

And now we're back to the beginning...Make It Count people!


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

#LekPress - Lov3Hat3u (Love/Hate U)

Check out Lekhem's feature on the Lov3Hat3u blog. Big shout to Steve for the coverage!

Lekhem on Lov3Hat3u


#LekLive The First Lady London Fayre, Dec 18th

For my final gig of 2011 I returned to The First Lady Fayre stage.

Always willing to support those who are working to be independent, The First Lady Fayre is a fantastic event for meeting, greeting and networking with enterprising Ladies who provide a vast range of services and products.

Last time I was on their stage, I performed an energetic set with Evo Advent Child. This time, I did a mellow set with Skillington on acoustic guitar. We played together in a reggae roots band for approximately 19 months, so for me personally, this was a fun reunion!

Pull up a seat and enjoy my first ever acoustic set! Judging by the responses on the night, it will not be my last!


Tuesday, 3 January 2012


They always say to kick the year off as you mean to go on, right?

Well we here at the Rebel2Society camp have done just that! January 1 2012 at 00:01 saw the release of “The Rebelution Part 1”.

The Rebelution: Part 1

20 tracks of real, thought provoking, lyrical, enjoyable hip hop!
There are tracks on there for the backpackers, the lyricists, the ladies, the ravers and more. On this d├ębut mixtape comes a vast variety, and cohesion all in one release.

Coming from West London, this mixtape stays true to the essence of what the R2S camp brings to the table – great hip hop. I’m on 6 of the songs and, I can say this honestly, this mixtape is a GREAT and NEEDED addition to your music collection.


No amount of 'talk' can add up to 'action'. Grab your copy of this FREE DOWNLOAD now and see for yourself - then tell a friend!


HAPPY NEW YEAR to each and every one!

I hope you had a great celebration, however you brought in 2012.

With a New Year come new expectations. New aspirations, new inspirations and everyone will be working to make their dreams a reality. There’s no time like the present to push forward for whatever your heart desires. Make the most of the time we have.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me and my endeavours throughout 2011 and before. I’m working hard to make 2012 an even more exciting year for you. I have a lot of projects coming your way. 

It’s always easier to talk about what you want to do, but is always more beneficial to just show what you’re doing so, stay on the lookout because this year will be a productive one!

Have a very positive, productive and progressive 2012!

Peace and Love to each and all.