Monday, 17 September 2012

#LekPress: Ed.29 of #TheSauce - 'ViRGO' Special!

#LekPress: Ed.29 of #TheSauce - 'ViRGO' Special!

If you follow Lekhem on Facebook or Twitter, then you will be aware that he features the latest news and updates in '#TheSauce from The ESP Family' every Sunday.

Read All About Him! This week is a 'ViRGO' Special...

The 29th Edition was a salute to our resident Jamerican on his birthday, so please do have a read, comment and share ahead of the next one!

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

#LekPress 'ViRGO' - #ESPspotlight Review

#LekPress 'ViRGO' - #ESPspotlight Review

I can't not share my thoughts and I certainly didn't take it easy on them! Read my Spotlight Review on Lekhem and Korshun's mixtape release.

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Friday, 14 September 2012

#LekPress: Lekhem and Korshun in the #FindOutFriday Hotseat!

#LekPress: Lekhem and Korshun in the #FindOutFriday Hotseat!

It's that time again! Lekhem's back in my #FindOutFriday hotseat, but this time with a twist! I play him and Korshun off against one another, while getting up to a little bit of mischief...Read, Enjoy and don't forget to share!


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

#LekPress: Show Off Your Music Interview

#LekPress: Show Off Your Music Interview

That troublesome duo Lekhem and Korshun feature in their first interview for #ViRGO this week. Have a read of their chat and don't forget to share!

With thanks to Tanya Leighton!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

'ViRGO' is Here!

'ViRGO' is Here!

Finally it’s here! The tag team mixtape with myself and Korshun is ready for you! We’re both fresh out the studio with a body of music that’s full of life! On this project, we have uptempo tracks, slower tracks, songs for the ladies, the fellas...just about everyone.

Being the 'ViRGO' mixtape, Korshun and I felt it only right to express a few different aspects of a Virgo man’s personality. We wanted an artistic idea of how to do that, beyond just being average and giving straight up definitions etc, within the songs. That in itself is an aspect of the Virgo man. From the intro, it’s clear to hear that you’ll be in for a great listen.

Click To Download

Musically, this is a very exciting project with production credits from Myke Forte, Low P, Viper, Taebeast, Jacob Levin, Venom Productions and more. Infusing hip hop with soul, a gritty sound and a new school edge, 'ViRGO' is a very explosive and entertaining project.

"Dun know #cosign...looool" – Korshun

'ViRGO' Track Breakdown!

'ViRGO' Track Breakdown!

Here we’re going to give you a track by track break down of the mixtape. You know us Virgo's are going to go above and beyond for you!

1: SEPTEMBER (Intro)

Produced by Viper with skit edits by Lekhem, this was the perfect vibe to kick off the mixtape.


This song kicks off the mixtape with one of the best ways that Korshun and Lekhem know how to, LYRICISM! Taebeast provides the music backdrop as we both “tear into the mic”.


From the very first drop of this song you’ll be grooving to it with tight production from LP Hoodz. Released as part of the promotional package, this is a very catch song that grabs attention very quickly.


Produced by Venom Productions infusing the Greek Mythology story of Prometheus with Hip Hop, this concept helped to shape the entire mixtape. A hard hitting song with a very strong point.


One of the hype tracks on the mixtape with probably the most infectious hook of the whole project! A real fun, gritty sound with powerful vocals with a great message. It shows the determination and drive of an artist, and also touches on one of the potential vices that an artist could face.


A song that can be perceived as being extremely cocky but in all honesty that is further from the truth. It’s simply stating that we can do what we do, very well, and make it just “look easy”. ViRGO ha ha


Produced by Renzaboy, this is a favourite among a lot of people. First featured on Korshun’s Valenrhymes’ mixtape and after all the response we thought that it would only be right to bring it onto the ViRGO project. This song details the thoughts that go through a man’s head whilst on the dancefloor.


Virgo males are often seen by people as very cold and emotionless, which is one of the biggest myths around. This song right here helps to diffuse that idea. With smooth and soulful production from Taebeast, giving the perfect backdrop.

9: MUSIC (Interlude)

A bit of fun by Korshun. Not much can really be said or broken down about this, just listen and enjoy lol 


Straight up feel good music. Myke Forte’s production on this fits perfectly with the concept which makes for a very smooth and entertaining song.


This song is exactly as it says on the title. One for the smokers. Packed with energetic flows, it’s definitely one to enjoy a session to. Lekhem and Korshun display 2 different ways in which a person would feel to do what the titles says.


Closing the mixtape with some energetic production from Jacob Levin, this is a lively way to close off the project. One for the clubs without a doubt! BANGER!!!!!! 

And that’s the breakdown of the tracks on the ViRGO mixtape from Korshun and myself! Grab your copy of ViRGO at SIX O'CLOCK and enjoy the good music coming from The Sixth Sign!