West London’s own self-titled ‘Alien Resident’, is a cultural blend that extends far beyond his musical talent. 

Born in Madison, Wisconsin; Lekhem is a Hip Hop Artist and Producer who draws on his musical upbringing in Kingston, Jamaica to bring a one-of-a-kind, international flavour to the UK scene

Also known as the ‘BakaBoi’; the 26-year-old lyrical Impresario grew up at the knee of International Reggae bass-playing Father, Junior Dan (former bass player for Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, the Gorillaz and many more) and his Television/Radio Producer Mother, Sandra Rose (creator of Smile Jamaica – the equivalent to ITV’s This Morning); with the intention of making a living in front of studio mixing boards. Encouraged by friends to take his rap skills seriously in early 2010; Lekhem soon realised his passion and more importantly, his immense talent, and immediately set about completing his introductory body of work as a Solo Artist. 

Lekhem released ‘Str8 Out Da Oven’ in August 2010 to the instant recognition of British and International music media. Catching the eye of a new PR and Artist Development company; the two joined forces in January 2011, working to build Lekhem’s media portfolio and name on the performance circuit, at events such as The First Lady Summer and Winter Fayres, MEOW UK, L!VE, One Mic and iLive ‘Soul in the City’ Nights, opening for US NeoSoul star Leela James on her ‘My SoulTour; in addition to headlining her after party. 

The Raise EP’, released on 31 October, 2011 achieved 3,150 downloads in its first week of release, proving Lekhem’s growing appeal as an all-round Artist. The 8-track mixtape demonstrated his progression as a Lyricist as well as an MC; whilst still shining a spotlight on the Production skills he began with.

Joining 13-strong, West London Hip-Hop Collective ‘Rebels 2 Society’ (R2S) in late 2011, Lekhem featured on the group‘s first release, ‘The Rebelution Part 1’ on New Year’s Day. Lekhem has contributed to vocals and production to five digital releases since then and it is from this perspective that he approached his third Solo body of work

KrateDiggin – The Instrumentals Mixtape’ was released on March 5th, 2012. The 15-track project saw Lekhem blend rare musical knowledge with his International upbringing; applying his flavoured blend and talents to samples spanning the 1970’s to Present Day. 

April 4th brought the ‘KROnicles of IntelLEK’, Lekhem’s joint digital release with R2S Co-Founder, Krome. Spawning the hugely popular video for 'Where Da Real At', featuring Seta Trend; 'KROnicles' is a musically creative base for the long-time friends and collaborators do what they do best –  use the fuel of painful shared experiences to inspire each other and their listeners to new lyrical and style heights with every bar.

With 'ViRGO', Lekhem's comical, cheeky and charismatic persona takes centre stage. In his second tagteam foray - this time with R2S Co-Founder Korshun; the pair delve into the origins of the Zodiac's sixth sign for insight into their own best and worst character traits.

21st December 2012 saw the release of 'Grandeur Pulse'. For his final release of the year, Lekhem's mischievous,  yet original response to the 'End of the World' theory associated with the Mayan calendar added a twist; by suggesting a new wave of mental, musical and emotional consciousness through his contemporary approach to some of R&B and Soul music's favourite anthems.
Never one to rest on his laurels, expect several new Solo and collaborative releases from this hugely talented Artist, Musician and Producer in the coming months. 

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