Some of you know already and some are unfamiliar, with the fact that I am also a Producer. Exclusive to this blog, here are some instrumentals created by myself. If you’re an artist, promoter, or film director, etc and would be interested in any ‘LekBeats’ then feel free to contact me.

Buds of Colly

Buds Of Colly Demo by Lekhem

A slow-to-mid tempo beat, mellow vibe with a quirky edge. R&B/Hip-Hop


Detour Demo by Lekhem

An energetic beat. Stands out the minute it's played. Detour has a very hypnotic feeling to it. Hip-Hop/Club

Freak the Freak

Freak The Freak Demo by Lekhem

Another energetic beat from the LekBeatz catalogue. This one revists that classic G-Funk sound. One for the Skankers, this gets the party going!


Promise Demo by Lekhem

This is one for the spitters. Using Lekhem's deep reggae influence, this is a great beat for a cypher. Get your metaphor magic on!

Poetic Justice (RMX)

Poetic Justice (RMX) Demo by Lekhem

This is some soulful R&B. Those types that keep you clued and remembering the good times with that special someone.

The Best n Worst

The Best N Worst Demo by Lekhem

Laid back, acoustic feel with those knocking hip hop drums. Made in 2010. RIP to the late great Amy Winehouse, who sadly left us in 2011.

Who Killed Freddie?

Who Killed Freddie Demo by Lekhem

Once again, LekBeatz dive into the classics to create another gem! With the G-Funk sound and the infectious swing, this is another party starter!