Wednesday, 27 February 2013



He's at it again...Have you got your copy of 'PimperishJazz' by Lekhem yet?

Continuing  the MASSIVE 'Grandeur Pulse' vibe, his latest 'Soulstramental' is the perfect addition to your Playlist...

Download it from Soundcloud now, then why not grab yourself some more Goodies that you may have missed?

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

'GRANDEUR PULSE' Makes The Cut In Valentine's Countdown...

'GRANDEUR PULSE' Makes The Cut In Valentine's Countdown...

Lekhem's 'Grandeur Pulse' was the first selection in the '7 Days, 7 Mixtapes To Set The Valentine's Mood' #ESPspotlight Series, alongside the likes of artists Wynter Gordon, Eric Bellinger and the UK's own KOF.

For EricaSharlette's breakdown on the Lekhem's latest EP, head over to 'The ES in the P' Blog and share your thoughts on the project and piece - you know Lekhem loves your feedback!

Leading the Pack...Click to read Lekhem's #ESPspotlight Review of 'Grandeur Pulse'

Happy Sunday LekLaners!

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Monday, 4 February 2013



Getting evermore comfortable glossing classics with modern day flavour, enjoy the latest serving from Mr. 'iBakeDemBeats'...

With custom artwork by EricaSharlette.


Sunday, 3 February 2013

#LekPress Richard Osborne Releases Long Awaited 'Late Night Thoughts' EP

#LekNews Richard Osborne Releases Long Awaited 'Late Night Thoughts' EP (Press Release)

Richard Osborne

'Late Night Thoughts EP'

Welcome to Richard Osborne's Sophomore EP 'Late Night Thoughts'.

This deeply personal 5 track EP is being regarded by many as a true window into the artists soul.

Featuring production by Richard himself and a stunning cameo from Lekhem, This is an EP that will stay with you for years to come!

'Late Night Thoughts E.P' is a free download

Richard Osborne - Late Night Thoughts E.P

Click to Download

For regular updates Follow Richard on Twitter

Lekhem Press Mentions For 'Love Like That' Collaboration:

"‘Love Like That’ is the only track on the extended play with a guest feature. Produced by Kris Flava, the track is given a hip-hop edge from London-based rapper Lekhem who is borrowed for a solid verse, creating a distinctive fusion of the two genres.

‘Better’ brings forth the vibe of Timberlake and showcases the makings of a young Robin Thicke...Though the track is would work just as well with a rap verse from Lekhem in a remix."
Ja'e, Editor,