Friday, 31 August 2012

Once In A Blue Moon...

Once In A Blue Moon...

Hey People!

The Queen of Random Trivia, Ms. EricaSharlette is always telling me these random facts about things that have me thinking for awhile after we've talked.

The latest is about a story she read in the news about tonight having a rare blue moon that only shows up once every two and a half years, causing that well known phrase to come about...She asked a question that I to think about at the time and I thought since it's been a minute since I talked to all of you, I'd tell you what I came up with.

Every Once In A Blue Moon, I'd like to be on a beach during the night time, with a bunch of friends around a camp fire. I know it's one of those 'cheesy' moments that they depict in movies all the time and all, but they never showed it the Jamaican way...There's actually something really cool about it.

Good weather, good friends, good food and the like, all put together, makes for a great time; everyone can relate to that. Experiences that are referred to as 'Once In A Blue Moon' are the ones that are embedded in the memory for a long time, so let's try to fill our lives with more 'Once In A Blue Moon' moments...

Feel free to share yours below, why not hit that #OnceInABlueMoon hashtag on twitter and compare what you got? You never know who you might share that desire with.


Thursday, 16 August 2012



Hey Everyone,
Hope you have enjoyed the London 2012 Olympics. It’s been such a great experience and one that will live long in the memory. Team GB had an excellent 2 weeks, coming 3rd in the overall tables for medals won (the best Team GB has done in modern history).
Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and every other member of the team did themselves and the nation extremely proud; exhibiting the determination, drive, passion, commitment and valour that real champions show. The whole nation was in unity as they cheered and encouraged all the GB athletes through their various challenges and it was evident that their massive roars of applause helped to motivate them.
Team USA have done really good as well, with the Americans being in the top 3 of overall medals won ranking. Michael Phelps from Team USA became the greatest Olympian ever right here in London where he’s picked up a total of 21 medals throughout his illustrious career.
Team JA, as expected, has continued to dominate the track and field events of the Olympics. Bolt went on to become a record-breaking sprinter with yet another world record (4x100m) and also the first sprinter to successfully defend the 100m and 200m gold medals in back to back Olympics.
All 206 Countries that participated in the Games did their best for the nation and their countrymen. I'm especially proud of the three that I call home. It’s been a great 2 weeks for sport and the world as a whole. All the athletes from the various countries have done well to make this Olympics event one of the best ever. It’s been a great display and I’m looking forward to Rio 2016.