Wednesday, 5 September 2012

'ViRGO' is Here!

'ViRGO' is Here!

Finally it’s here! The tag team mixtape with myself and Korshun is ready for you! We’re both fresh out the studio with a body of music that’s full of life! On this project, we have uptempo tracks, slower tracks, songs for the ladies, the fellas...just about everyone.

Being the 'ViRGO' mixtape, Korshun and I felt it only right to express a few different aspects of a Virgo man’s personality. We wanted an artistic idea of how to do that, beyond just being average and giving straight up definitions etc, within the songs. That in itself is an aspect of the Virgo man. From the intro, it’s clear to hear that you’ll be in for a great listen.

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Musically, this is a very exciting project with production credits from Myke Forte, Low P, Viper, Taebeast, Jacob Levin, Venom Productions and more. Infusing hip hop with soul, a gritty sound and a new school edge, 'ViRGO' is a very explosive and entertaining project.

"Dun know #cosign...looool" – Korshun

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