Friday, 4 November 2011

Hello People!!
How has your week been? Hope it’s been a productive one. This week for me, psssh, the release of The Raise happened! It has been a lot of good work, great nerves and fantastic feedback.

Myself, Erica Sharlette and Charli Shirley worked up until the final minute to get it done all in time!! Remember it’s more than just an EP that dropped on the day. There was also the release of this very blog! The minute it all went live on the internet, the buzz just became so real. My twitter started spazzing out on me, same with my BBM. That just shows the love and support that I received from friends, family and fans and I was, and still am, humbled by it all. It’s such a great feeling when your hard work pays off. We’re still working on the blog to give you the best viewing pleasure at all times! Make sure you have a look through the entire content, there’s a lot going on!
Now let’s speak about The Raise and how it’s been doing this week. At the time of me writing this (Nov 4th 14:46), The Raise has been downloaded 1621 times!! I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THE SUPPORT! The feedback I have been getting has been great so far, and I only hope it continues to have a great impact as time goes on. I’m thrilled that my supporters are realising what I am doing and it is being happily embraced. I will be giving a full interview into the thought process behind the creation of The Raise very soon. We would really like to know which songs you would like to see a video for. I know you all have your ideas and we would love to hear what they are. People have been saying that my sound is helping to bring back the real hip hop sound that has been missing. That’s one of the biggest compliments ever.
So what’s coming next? You’ll be getting videos from The Raise. New posts in the blog, new poems in my Poetic Justice section and loads of more stuff. Keep checking for all the new stuff.

Peace & Love

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