Sunday, 30 October 2011

Welcome to LekLane...

Hello people, how are we doing?
Well today is the day. ‘The Raise’ has hit the Internet! How you liking it? I'm sure you’re enjoying that. I guess you thought that me dropping this release would have been all that’s happening, but nope! The team and myself have been working hard to ‘raise’ the level of everything that we’re doing, musically in and in several other avenues. ‘WalkWithLek’, while I tell you about it...
In this life, like the banner above says, “We make our own lane”. I wrote that for the track ‘Loyalty’, because I am working hard to establish myself, and striving everyday to take a step closer to mine. As we “carry on that right path”; I’m so happy that you can finally take this journey with me through my official blog!

On ‘LekLane’, you’ll be getting my content, here first! You’ll also be getting exclusive music that you won’t get anywhere else! Ranging from freestyles, to collaborations to everything in between and beyond. You support me and I will always thank you by giving you what you like best from me, music!
This is my blog, so although the Team may hit you with some news now and then, your regular updates will be coming directly from me. These could be anything from my own little ‘review’ on an album, to movies, maybe even restaurants too...Y’all know I love my food, edible and otherwise so that should come as no surprise! I may talk about work, show you what I’ve been up to for that week, or I may do a piece on some new equipment, get my little music nerd swag on...Literally, here will be home to anything that I feel to talk about. Make sure you stay tuned!
If Music be ‘The Food’ of Love, then Play On...All the releases that I have worked on are now available in my discography. Here, you can get my own personal projects, compilations that I have been selected for and material that I have featured on. This is a great way to see some of the talent that I am working alongside.
Telegenicz’ holds all of my music videos to date, some performances, and behind the scenes footage. Expect some exclusive content coming soon as well. ‘1000 Words’ is the visual tale of my world and those in it.
The new wallpapers and content in ‘InterActs’ are just a little bit of a Thank You for all the support you have given me so far.
Poetic Justice is going to be a lot of fun! I’m going back to something that I always loved as a kid, writing poems. Poetry is a beautiful art form and one that I have a lot of interest in, and respect for. I would also love if my fan base were to take part as well. I know a lot of you have got that talent and I cannot wait to hear what you have to say.
Now let’s address some of the other obvious changes that I know you’ve noticed. All of my new graphics were created by the lovely Charli-Anne Shirley for Jelli Ltd. She did such an amazing job on everything, from this website, to ‘The Raise’ artwork, to the official ‘Lekhem’ and BakaBoi Entertainment’ logos.
Since we’re on that note, let’s talk about the change. ‘Baker Boy’ is now ‘BakaBoi’. From the very beginning, I wanted to ensure that from the name itself, my company would stand out. Yes you did read correctly; ‘BakaBoi Entertainment’ will be fully operational very, very soon. With each day, we take a step closer to fulfilling this dream. More info on that in due time - Patience is a virtue!
Some of you know already and some are unfamiliar, with the fact that I am also a Producer. Exclusive to this blog, I’ll be putting up instrumentals created by myself. If you’re an artist, promoter, or film director, etc and would be interested in any ‘LekBeats’ then feel free to contact me. Is there the possibility of an instrumental mixtape coming from myself? Well, you’re just going to have to keep posted and find out. Let’s just say I won’t disappoint!
So today, you’ve had a new EP, a new blog and an announcement on the new company! See, I take care of my supporters because a lot of times you take care of me. The little votes of confidence you all tell me of from time to time; the fact you listen my music and it helps with them happy, sad or otherwise...All these little things that some artists take for granted, I sure don’t. If I haven’t met you personally yet, I look forward to the day that I do. Thank you for taking this ride with me.
Believe To Achieve.

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