Sunday, 26 February 2012


Hey guys and girls!

I'm back, fresh from a crazy day with my ESP Family at the Hyper Japan expo at Earls Court! Shoutout to Charli-Anne and EricaSharlette for bringing me down. The event was Anime/Gamer's Heaven, so you could say that today had been grrrreat!

But to work now, and the reason for today's post. I want to announce the release date for my new project! 'KrateDiggin', - 15 tracks of instrumentals all produced by me, will be released right here, on March 5th!

My original studio spot was always behind the mixing board and not the microphone. This always has been and always will be, a very big passion of mine. Being around musicians all my life helped to inspire that part of me.

'Crate-digging' is a term that's used in Hip Hop, where Producers would literally dig in crates of vinyl records, searching for samples to help create their music. With the instrumentals that I've created, I wanted to stick with the 'sample-beat' sound. That is what gave me the idea for KrateDiggin. I've used very familiar and very unfamiliar samples to create a varied, complete collection.

Check out the preview taken from it with "Don't U Know".


Let me know how you feel about it, more blog posts coming soon!!


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