Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Whole Lotta Love This February...

Hey everybody!

The month of February has been a very busy one indeed.

As you know, the latest Unsigned Hype UK mixtape (Valentine's Edition) was realised on the 1st, and my track 'Thoughts Of Her' is on there. Proud to say it's the opening song as well! (Shout out to all at Unsigned Hype UK; always grateful for the support). The song is also an original composition, all produced by myself.

Since we're talking about that, not everyone is fully aware yet that I am a Producer / Musician, as well as a Vocalist. Stay tuned as I have a lot more coming on that front. Some very exciting news is on the way guys!!

My good friend and R2S squad member Korshun also released 'Valenrhymes' this week. I feature on his Valentine's Day mixtape special along with Culprit Cash, Krome and Prophyle. I am on 'Dance With Me' with Korshun and also have a solo song 'Day Dreaming' produced by Evo AC!

All who have subscribed to this blog received their second monthly gift as a Thank You for all the support. If you have not joined yet, then hurry up and get to do so! Every subscriber gets a FREE monthly gift as well as breaking news from myself BEFORE anyone else, even press!! So sign up and enjoy all that's on offer.

Poetic Justice has a new post, the first of its kind and I'm sure not the last. The winner of my recent Musicalize competition, has his first piece of poetry up on my blog! Great work from you Sir and looking forward to more! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you 'Artificiality' by Dean Perretta!

How did you guys enjoy The Rebelution Part 1 by us R2S boys and girl, released January 1 2012? If you've not got it yet then please do so by going to The Food page. Do it now! You won't regret it!

Now, we've decided to give you an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW from 'The Rebelution Part 2' coming very soon!!

Myself, Seta Trend, Matrix (TrixCity) and up-and-coming singer CLC teamed up with Italian hip hop producer JP Balboa for the infectious, vibrant record called 'Why Don't They Know'. An international collaboration that is so pleasing to listen to, check it out right now and get ready for Part 2!!

We working hard this year for you, the fans! Love you all.
Thank you for all your support, always appreciated.


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