Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Sixth Sign...

The Sixth Sign...

What’s Good People!

If you caught #TheSauce from the ESP camp last week, you'll know we announced the 'VIRGO' mixtape, that is the duo act with Myself and Korshun (R2S), will be out early this September.

I can now officially announce that the release date for my second tagteam mixtape of the year, will be

 5th September 2012!

This tape will boast credits from UK and International producers and will be jam packed with the storytelling ability that both Korshun and myself possess. One thing I am sure of is that the content and concepts that will be on this body of work will be of the highest level.

VIRGO will feature tracks that speak on the best Zodiac sign in the calendar ;-) and also various avenues and experiences of life. There will be something on this tape for everyone, from the ladies to the hip hop heads and everything inbetween!

Speaking on the project, Korshun added:

"With this mixtape, I'm looking to represent the traits of a Virgo to the fullest. What you see is what you get and if you don't get that...Ah well!"

So there you have it...Look out for more details coming to you very soon!


For a reminder of what these two cook up in the booth, check out 'Dance With Me', taken from Korshun's 'Valenrhymes' mixtape earlier this year:

'Valenrhymes' is available on 'The Food' now...

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