Friday, 6 July 2012

The Right Way to have a Great Weekend...

The Right Way to have a Great Weekend...

Earlier this afternoon, the homie Banditsu released 'Great Weekend', produced by myself.

This song is going to be featured on his upcoming mixtape entitled 'The Miseducation of Itsu'; due out later on this year.

From the very first time that I played him the instrumental a few months ago, he was in love with it and promised me that he was going to do a classic track to it. A little while later, I had a message from him, letting me know that he had completed the song and he sent it over to me....I was in awe and excitement when I heard it, as the concept that he had placed on it just fit perfectly with the calm backdrop that the music provides.

This is definitely one for those who love to have a good weekend and for all my 'herbalists' out there...Staying true to that, it was released at 4:20PM. Those who can figure out why, know wassup ;)...

Make sure you check out Banditsu as an artist, a great addition to the UK Hip Hop circuit, believe me. Checkout his latest mixtape to date, Answer 2 My Calling 2 (A2MC2) and follow him on twitter: @Banditsu_Music.

#GreatWeekend Check it out!


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