Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Next 'Grand' Design...

The Next 'Grand' Design...

Hey everyone!

As announced last week, to close off 2012 I will be releasing an instrumental mixtape (EP) all produced by myself. The aim of this project is to show growth as a producer since 'KrateDiggin' and a musician as a whole.

Throughout this year, while working very hard as an artist, I've been working on my instrumentals as well. During the last few months I would, from time to time, speak of a new sound that I've been working on and Grandeur Pulse will be a perfect opportunity to give an example into what that is all 
about. The name ‘Grandeur Pulse’ gives an indication into that, but it's something that I will explain closer to the release date...

The look and sound of this project will be a very sleek one, but there will be more info to come on that as the days become closer!
Until then, the ‘Lin Feng’ instrumental is a taster...Made to signify the return to my production duties for the remainder of 2012, as explained last week, my inspiration behind it was the whole 'Wu Tang Clan' type of hip hop that was heavily influenced by a lot of martial arts films.

I wanted to make something like that as I've always loved the sound and being a natural fan of a lot of Eastern aspects (martial arts, art, etc), I felt it only right to continue that in my own creative way. I've got a few more instrumentals with that sound and will be releasing them over time.

We've got much more coming between now and the release ,so make sure you stay with us...


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