Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What's In A Name? ('Grandeur Pulse' Release Date - Official)

What's In A Name? ('Grandeur Pulse' Release Date - Official)

If you're a Registered Member on here, or follow me on Twitter (@Lekhem_ if not ;-]), then you'll know that I confirmed my next release date this week.

The day that I decided to make this mixtape, 'Grandeur Pulse', I already had the release date in my head. I decided to go with the 21st December 2012. In all honesty, my main reason for that is, because it's been the date that's thrown around that the 'world is meant to end' and all of that malarkey!

From the film '2012', to other forms of media, that date has been associated with this for years now and I felt to poke fun at that in the best way I know how. One of the great things about that, is that it lands on the last Friday before Christmas - I couldn't help myself, lol. With that being said, you'll all be able to enjoy the new music right into your festive season.

Mark your calendars, advents, all that good stuff - 'Grandeur Pulse', my new Intrumentals mixtape - 21/12/12...


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