Sunday, 20 May 2012

Dreams Work When the Team Works...

Dreams Work When the Team Works...

Hey People,

I hope you guys have been enjoying the weekend.

Last night in front of over 300 Million TV viewers, my beloved Chelsea won the Champions League title for the first time in our history. It's also the first time that a team from London has lifted the trophy.

Already being classed as one of the best final in years by some, it was definitely a game that lived up to all the expectations and more. Our opponents Bayern Munich are a very strong team and on a another night, I'm almost sure the result would have went another way but Lady Luck was with the boys in blue.

Luck has played a major part in Chelsea's European conquest this season, just like any team that's won it before. That stroke of luck needs to be present and it was for us.

Congratulations to Chelsea FC and the players on gaining their very well-deserved Champions League winner's cup and medals. They went to Germany as the underdogs and have left as winners.



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