Sunday, 27 May 2012

Family Guy (No Stewie)...

Family Guy (No Stewie)...

Hey People.

I'm back again for another update. Told ya I’d keep you informed as to what’s been happening. May has been a very hectic month for myself, the ESP team and also the R2S team.

To start off, I've been getting down to some writing for my next solo project. I’ve had a few concepts that I've been formulating in my head for awhile now and got some of them down onto paper this week. I've also been arranging features; from producers to rappers and singers. It’s all coming together really well and I'm really confident that this is going to be a very solid body of work that will live up to expectations.

I also have a little 'side project' that I am working on. By now, I'm pretty sure that you’ll know I am a very ambitious guy who is always thinking of other aspects and avenues to work with. This way of thinking hasn't left me and won’t anytime soon. I’m unable to speak too much about it at the moment but I can give a little clue; just like I said as the last 4 words to close the KROnicles Of IntelLEK mixtape - “it’s more than music”.

When you surround yourself with motivation and drive, it only fuels your own fire. I'm Blessed to have two camps to push me and you know what they say: Family is as Family does...

The ESP team has been going hard as always. You already know that the ES in the P never stops. She’s got her hands in a few pies that I can’t talk about publicly or I’ll never hear the end of it, just know it is BIG! Always stepping up the levels, making the rest of us play catch up; that’s ok, we don't mind, she just needs to sleep more...Drassick has been back in the studio, laying down those killer vocals. He also recently did a videoshoot for ‘SteamRollin’, a collaboration record with Breddwinnaz’ Stirra and my friend Panic Phaze from Slough amongst others, with very energetic production from CDot. Charli-Anne has been working on Deer Oh Deer stuff for their Friday showcase at Old Spitalfields Market with magnificent results! Seriously guys, if you've not been checking their stuff out you REALLY need to. 

My R2S family have been working as always as well. We've been in the studio finalising tracks for 'The Rebelution Part 2' and more 'Underground Gems'. We’re working on a very exciting sound and cannot wait to get it to you guys. Some good music is being made at the moment! I want to give a shout out to TrixCity for giving me a PREVIEW listen of his new mixtape ‘Arts Of Facts’ which is out very soon. I've got to say he’s done really well on this. The content is thoughtful, enjoyable, relatable and so organic. The features that he has on there for production and vocal duties all help to play their role in shaping this project which will pleasantly take people by surprise. Very powerful music indeed.

That’s it for now; as always, keep up with what I'm doing right here. If you haven't before, take a minute and go through the blog fully, I've got a lot of content for you all. Take care of yourselves out there beautiful people.


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